Piping system designs must always incorporate a certain level of safety factors depending on the nature of the fluid being handled. Specialized control valves regulate system pressure by opening or closing partially or fully in response to applied stimulus transmitted manually or electronically. Control valves may be the most important, but sometimes the most neglected part of a piping system. HYDROPLAST offers a complete range of control valves which include, air release valves, vacuum breakers, pressure regulators and relief valves. A relief valve is normally a closed valve and is commonly used for relieving excess pressure from closed top-vessels and piping systems. Pressure regulators are normally open and prevent over pressure conditions to downstream equipment. They converts fluctuation upstream pressure to constant predetermined downstream pressure. Vacuum breakers are normally closed designs and protect the piping system against damage and losses caused by vacuum. Air release is a normally open valve and is used to vent high volume of system air at the start up whereas a degassing valve- which is normally open- is used to vent trace amounts of gas continuously as they occur and accumulate in the valve.