Valve selection is a very critical decision because the piping system’s life is highly dependent on its performance. In simple terms, valves start and stop the flow of fluids-with the most important characteristic being how it efficiently and reliably it performs, taking the environment and medium used in consideration. At HYDROPLAST, we carry extensive inventories of all kinds of thermoplastic valves for all kinds of industrial applications including manual and actuated shut off valves, throttling valves and specialty valves offering multiple options in any and all materials that piping systems are made from. Shut off valve options include ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves and sampling valves while our throttling valve varieties include diaphragm valves, globe valve and needle valves. Valve actuators provide the force to open, close or modulate a valve and can be controlled remotely. Actuated valve options include electrically actuated 2 way ball valve, 3 way ball valve, electrically actuated butterfly valves, pneumatically actuated ball valve and butterfly valves. We also offer complete range of actuator related accessories and spare parts which include limit switches, positioners and BSR systems. In a piping system, it is equally important to ensure the flow direction of the fluids. Check valves are very commonly used for such applications and allow the liquids to flow in the direction in which they are installed. Our check valve offering includes ball type check valves, spring return check valves and flapper type check valves.